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The purpose of this post is to highlight the options that Well Beyond Care caregiver curation system provides to enterprises such as non-profit caregiving organizations, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities, long-term care, hospitals or any other organization or entity that hire caregivers either full-time or part-time.

Features and Benefits

Below is a listing of some of the features and benefits of the Well Beyond Caregiver curation and management system. This system makes it easier and more cost effective than using traditional means such as job postings, craigslist or using staffing agencies. In addition, Well Beyond Care’s caregiver software management system has reduced truancy and turnover to under 1% across the United States. This curation system will dramatically increase your capacity to deliver services and significantly reduce overhead costs to your establishment.

1. Caregiver Recruitment, Matching and Curation

Within the United States, you will be able to pull from a large pool of caregivers that Well Beyond Care has recruited, developed and has access to. No more posting jobs or chasing caregivers. You will be able to see skills and work history prior to ever contacting a caregiver. This saves valuable time and effort in caregiver recruitment.

2. Caregiver Management

Expand your mission of caregiving or improve your caregiving offerings without adding overhead and staff, do more with less, while reducing turnover and truancy. The online Well Beyond Care caregiver curation system makes it easy for just one person to manage a substantially larger quantity of caregivers than presently possible with traditional methods.

3. Flexible Payroll Options

Well Beyond Care provides online tracking of time sheets, billing and payroll. If your organization already has payroll in place, you use can use your existing payroll system or you can use ours. The system allows organizations to generate and download data files with the list of your caregivers, hours worked and other important management information. See Options and Costs in the next section for more details.

4. Reduced Truancy and Turnover

Our software matches caregiver skills, location and availability with the careseeker needs, which directly reduces caregiver truancy and turnover. In addition to caregiver skills, our matching algorithm considers cultural factors such as language, meal preparation, and social activities like bowling, card playing or dancing; creating a rightness of fit. A key differentiator is that caregivers get to choose whom they get to work for, and are more engaged because of it. It is all about creating “the rightness of fit.”

5. Nurse Navigator

If you so choose, you and your clients have access to a nurse navigator to help find and keep safe, reliable, dependable care in the home or facility, and assist with transitional care within their healthcare community.

6. Better Care Coordination

One of the tenets of Well Beyond Care is to make sure Careseekers receive the care they need, and those responsible for overseeing this care are notified that this care has been delivered. The Well Beyond Care Online Care-Plan is unique in the industry and you can clearly specify the care and activities that a caregiver should provide while performing his/her job.

7. Connect all Stakeholders

Effective communication is one of the biggest obstacles to delivering quality care. Well Beyond Care’s unique internal and external notification system keeps all parties (family, organization, health navigators, and clinicians) informed on the status of care or emergent health events.

8. No Contracts / No Minimums / Free Set Up

That is right: No Contracts, No Minimums, No Upfront Fees. There is no obligation on your part (you can leave at any time you want). In addition, there is no charge to create and maintain an account. Charges are only incurred when care is delivered and you have approved the hours worked. Period.

9. Flexible Pay Plans and Pay-As-You-Go

We give you options. Use our payroll system or your own. Request nurse support or not. The choice is yours. A small per hour charge is added to each hour a caregiver works and only after you have approved the hours worked. See the following section on Options and Costs to see what is right for you.

10. Manage Care Anywhere

Well Beyond Care combines the high-tech with the high-touch of caregiving. Taking care of people is a messy business, but what we have done with our technology is allow family members to be involved using our Care-Circle, allow coordination of care with our online Care-Plan, and keep all stakeholders involved through our internal and external notification system. We offload all the mundane, repetitive tasks that can be done with technology, so that better, more effective and affordable care can be offered.

Options and Costs

Creating an Organizational account is free. Well Beyond Care’s mission is to not only save clients money, but to also increase the living wage of caregivers. We can achieve both, but focusing on eliminating wasted time, resources and overhead. Well Beyond Care offers four (4) configuration options to organizations. These options are: 1) Using your organization’s payroll system or Well Beyond Care’s payroll (WBC Payroll No / Yes), and 2) Using your own staff with no nurse oversight or requesting nurse oversight (Nurse No / Yes).

The table below outlines the different Well Beyond Care services and pricing options. If you want to use your existing payroll system, but manage your caregivers through our system, you will be charged either $2 per hour or $3 per hour over the hourly rate you are paying your caregiver, depending if you want to have a nurse navigator or not. Payment is through direct withdrawal from your bank account via ACH.

If you chose to use the Well Beyond Care payroll, a credit card will need to be on file in order to ensure caregivers are paid. In addition, Well Beyond Care charges a $5 per pay stub fee (credit card charge) to the organization, and at $2 per pay check fee to the caregiver for each pay stub.

NOTE: At any time, you may take a caregiver you hired using our service out of our caregiver management system and hire them directly using your organization’s own system for a one-time recruitment fee of $2,500.

If your organization is interested in using our system to better recruit, curate and manage your caregivers, please email us at or call us at (844) 4WB-CARE (844 492 2273).

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