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The purpose of this page is to highlight the options that Well Beyond Care Caregiver Recruitment and Curation Service provides to organizations such as non-profit caregiving agencies, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities, long-term care, hospitals, private duty agencies or any other organization or entity that hire caregivers either full-time or part-time.

Features and Benefits

Below is a listing of some of the features and benefits of the Well Beyond Caregiver curation and management system. This system makes it easier and more cost effective than using traditional means such as job postings, craigslist or using staffing agencies.  This Well Beyond Care Caregiver Recruitment and Curation Service will dramatically increase your capacity to deliver services and significantly reduce overhead costs to your establishment.

1. Caregiver Recruitment, Matching and Curation

Within the United States, you will be able to pull from a large pool of caregivers in your geographic area that Well Beyond Care has recruited, collected pertinent information, created a matching profile and curates these profiles for you to access with our matching feature. No more posting jobs or chasing caregivers. Using the Caregiver Recruitment and Curation System you will be able to view skills and work history prior to ever contacting a caregiver as well as be able compare how well caregivers match with your client’s caregiving needs. This saves valuable time and effort in caregiver recruitment.

2. Caregiver Management

Expand your mission of caregiving or improve your caregiving offerings without adding overhead and staff, do more with less, while reducing turnover and truancy. The online Well Beyond Care caregiver curation system provides the information and visibility you need for just one person to manage a substantially larger quantity of caregivers than presently possible with traditional methods.

3. Flexible Payroll Tracking Options

Well Beyond Care’s Caregiver Work Scheduler provides online tracking of time sheets, billing and payroll. The system allows organizations to generate and download data files with the list of your caregivers, hours worked, wages and other important management information, allowing you to use your existing payroll system such as Quickbooks. See Options and Costs in the next section for more details.

4. No Contracts / No Minimums / Free Set Up

That is right: No Contracts, No Upfront Fees. It is pay-as-you-go. There is no long term obligation on your part (you can leave at any time you want). In addition, there is no charge to create and maintain an account. Charges are only incurred when you activate the Caregiver Recruitment and Curation Service or the Caregiver Work Scheduler options.

Options and Costs

Creating an Organization (ORG) account is free. Well Beyond Care offers organizations a simple way to recruit caregivers such as Companion Caregivers, Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), Registered Nurses (RN), and/or Occupational / Physical Therapists (OT/PT). The cost is $99 per month (30-day period) to access our Caregiver Recruitment and Curation Service. With this fee you can locate and review caregiver candidates available in our system and if interested, send a request to connect with a caregiver based on matching the client profiles you generate. Upon the caregiver accepting your connection request, you will be charged a $10 fee per connected candidate. This is a one-time fee per caregiver.

As an option, you can also use our integrated Caregiver Work Scheduler feature that generates an electronic plan of care for your clients and a schedule for your caregiver(s). The cost is $2.50 per week per schedule up to a maximum charge of $10 per week for four or more schedules. Note: if you have a caregiver in your system and want to add them to the Well Beyond Care scheduling system, they will need to create a caregiver account on Well Beyond Care and then connect with you during an active monthly recruitment period. Adding a new caregiver to scheduler that was not recruited by us incurs a $10 one time fee for onboarding. A summary of the services charges is listed in the table below. Prices are subject to change.

Service Cost
Caregiver Recruitment and Curation Service $99/month
Send a connection request to a  caregiver $0
Accepted connection by a prospective caregiver $10/caregiver (one-time fee)
Caregiver Work Scheduler $2.50/GC/week up to $10/week

In the future, as an addition to the scheduling service Well Beyond Care may offer organizations a payroll feature if there is enough demand for it to be integrated into our Caregiver Work Schedule feature.

How do I create an Organization Account?

If your organization is interested in using our system to better recruit, curate and manage your caregivers, this is how you get started by creating a free account by clicking the link below:

this link will become active on July 26, 2021

Once you create your organization account, then log into your account.

Navigate to the Administration section either from the left navigation pain or the drop down menu.

Once in the “Administration” section, click on the Billing link on the left hand navigation panel, then click on the 30-Day Recurring fee button to begin recruiting and hiring caregivers. This will  start the $99 per month billing.

For a step-by-step instruction on how to use the Caregiver Recruitment and Curation system, please follow this link: Caregiver Recruitment Instructions for Organizations. If you have any questions, please email us at or call Jeffrey at (512) 715-4114.

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