Careseeker Questions

The Careseeker is the individual who will be receiving care from a Caregiver. While a spouse, adult child, or parent may be the one who is looking for a Caregiver, when “Careseeker” is used on the website, it means the person receiving care and the one you create an account for. A Careseeker (or recipient) can have up to 10 Family Members or individuals added to their Care Circle. Only one of these members can have administrative power to manage the care of the Careseeker.

A Care-Pair is when a Careseeker hires a Caregiver. Care-Pair hours are the hours that a Caregiver works for a Careseeker.

Your Care Circle is comprised of the members of your family, friends or guardians who have permission to access your account under their own log in. You can add up to 10 individuals who are kept up to date of your caregiving status. You can also remove these individuals from your Care Circle as you see fit. One member of your Care Circle may act as your Care Administrator and manage all aspects of your account.

A Nurse Care-Pair Manager is a Registered Nurse who works with Well Beyond Care and has experience within home care, geriatric care and/or hospice care. The minute you set up your account, you are assigned a Nurse Care-Pair Manager to help you with your profile creation. They also offer advice on how to hire a Caregiver and what healthcare resources are available in your area.

These are the health care individuals you add to your account to be notified in case of significant change in condition. Including, individuals such as your doctor, hospital social worker, geriatric care manager, home health agency contact, pharmacist, cardiologist, etc. These individuals are added by you when you click on the “Care Circle” link on the left hand navigation menu, then look for the Healthcare Service Member link on the top navigation bar.

The person who created an account for a family member, or friend, becomes the Care Administrator for that Careseeker. The Care Administrator manages all aspects of care for the Careseeker and can add and remove family and friends from the Care-Circle. The roll of Care Administrator can be reassigned to another person in the Care-Circle at any time. Other non-administrative members of the Care-Circle can log into the Well Beyond Care system to review and be informed of services provided to the Careseeker.

Yes, you can manage as a Careseeker Administrator more than one account using the same email / log in address. To do so, log in to your existing account and then look for the “View As” drop down section on the top right of the page. Click the drop down and you will see an option to ‘Add New Account’.

Yes, you can be in more than one Care Circle using the same email / log in address.

No. While most traditional agencies require a contiguous 4 hour minimum of care per day, and 20 hours per week; Well Beyond Care does NOT require a minimum number of care hours per day. Also, you can hire a Caregiver for any time you choose. This flexibility allows you to have care according to your needs.

Yes. Trip charges, buying groceries and medications are a few items that would be billed in addition to the set hourly fee to the Caregiver. Caregivers would add these items to their weekly work hours (timesheet) for you to approve. Well Beyond Care does NOT add a surcharge for these online miscellaneous payments.

No, not if the nurse if helping you as part of the Well Beyond Care system. If you would like a nurse to do a geriatric assessment, or assess a Caregiver’s duties, or develop a geriatric care plan, you can hire a nurse as a Caregiver directly in our system. Search for a Caregiver and under the results ‘Certifications’ column, click the sort icon and select GCM (Geriatric Care Manager).

First a clarification. Compared with private duty agencies that charge between $20 and $35 per hour, their surcharge over what they pay their Caregivers is between $11 and $25 per hour! We strive to give you the best service while at the same time saving a family between $10,000 to $30,000 over private duty care. With that said, you get a lot. You have access to your personal Nurse Care-Pair Manager (NCPM), who on average has over 10 years of experience with home health and geriatrics, and who acts like a medical navigator during this transition in your life. In addition, we take all the stress out of hiring a Caregiver by just making sure that you get a Caregiver that is best matched to your care needs. That means we offload the scheduling, billing, payroll, accounting, end of year taxes, messaging, and reminders you would have to do yourself. In addition, with our NCPMs you get direct access to your local healthcare community and information that would be hard to acquire on your own.

Yes, you will notice the ‘https:’ designator on the address line of our site. This indicates what we are using a Secure Socket Layer 7 protocol that encrypts and protects any and all transmission and storage or personal data on our site. Our vendor is GoDaddy, Inc. For more information about SSL please visit

Yes. Well Beyond Care has nurses listed on our site that can help a family develop a geriatric care plan, provide care, or provide care oversight. You can hire a nurse by clicking on “Types of Caregivers needed.” Choose and click on either “Geriatric Care Manager” (care plan and oversight) or “Registered Nurse” or “Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse.” You can hire an RN or LVN/LPN (Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse) to provide skilled nursing care, or personal/companion care. Expect to pay no less than $35/hr if you want an RN to provide your personal care. If you need a nurse to provide skilled nursing care, please contact your Nurse Care-Pair Manager for assistance.

Well Beyond Care has nurses listed that can help a family develop a geriatric care plan by hiring them directly. Often, your NCPM nurse may be trained in developing a geriatric care plan and providing oversight, but you must hire them through this site by clicking on Types of Caregivers needed. Click on Geriatric Care Manager or Registered Nurse. These nurses do NOT do this as part of their NCPM duties.

Yes, Well Beyond Care offers suggestions on how to keep seniors safe at home in a downloadable PDF checklist here. Of course, you can always contact your Nurse Care-Pair Manager with help with this as well.

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