History and Mission

Why was Well Beyond Care started?
Well Beyond Care was started because Jeffrey Fry (our founder) was forced to take care of his mother when his brother died unexpectedly. During those 7 years, he discovered the incredibly poor quality of care, the unfair wages given Caregivers, and thfe unreliable care given to his mother using private duty agencies. He was convinced there was a better way.

What is Well Beyond Care’s mission?
A growing number of people want to stay in their own home as they age. Family members are more often living out-of-state or unable to assist and it is hard to find safe and affordable long-term care and companionship for their loved one. While many families cannot afford the exorbitant rates of traditional homecare agencies, they also realize that they need to know how to self direct care and prepare for the future. We know, at Well Beyond Care, that we will live longer lives than in past generations and a solution is needed. By finding a Caregiver that is the Right Fit at the Right Price with the Right Guidance and Support, we will reduce hospital stays, cost, emergency room visits as well as STRESS. Our mission it to take care to the next level.

How are you different from other online companies?
Obtaining care for yourself or someone you love is a stressful event, and you want someone there who can help. That is why when you sign up and create an account as a Careseeker, you get a National Care-Pair Manager (NCPM) experienced in recruiting, hiring, curating and hiring a caregiver who is there to help you through this process in order to keep you or your loved one safely in their home.

In addition, other online sites do not curate Caregivers for you, but instead make you post a job and hope for the best.  We use a different approach by matching your needs with the most compatible and best suited Caregivers in your area. This is to ensure that a “rightness of fit” is met and that your caregiver is reliable and compatible to your care needs. In most cases, caregiving is a long term concern, and we do not want you to be disappointed or worried about finding the right caregiver.

Having a Caregiver come into your home is a fearful transition and our NCPMs are there to “hold your hand” during the process. We also know that the vast majority of people looking for care will be the adult children of the elderly and, in most cases, will be more than 100 miles away from their loved ones. That is why we made a propriety system to allow as many or as few disbursed family members be involved in or be notified during the process of finding the “Right Caregiver” and managing the care going forward. Part of this care process is the development of a Plan-of-Care, again being the only company to integrate that functionality into our care management system.

No other on-line company connects healthcare providers to individuals in the home through an automated messaging system. Many adults and children with compromised health will need the person caring for them to be trained first hand by professionals, and we help facilitate that as well. Emergent care or hospital stays will be reduced with our improved communication and professional healthcare transition between healthcare providers and those in their home.

How are you different from private duty agencies?
Primarily we help families in six ways over what private duty agencies offer. First, Well Beyond Care can save a family between $10,000 and $30,000 a year ($200 to $600 per week) over using a private duty agency. There is no minimum charge nor minimum work hours per week.  So you are not forced to pay for a minimum of 20 hours of care per week at $25 per hour, when you need only a few hours per week. We are passionate about making in-home care accessible and affordable for those who would never consider having a caregiver primarily due to cost.

Secondly, the two biggest issues with private duty care are caregiver no-shows (truancy) and turnover (different caregivers being sent from day to day or week to week). Since Well Beyond Care is more than just a matching company (see How are you different from other on-line companies?), we take the time to help families find the perfect caregiver that is reliable, dependable, qualified and consistent; and teaching Careseekers (and their love ones) how to manage their own care affordably. Essentially we eliminate truancy and turnover with your caregiver. We do this by not only having a rating system for our caregivers, but in training you on how to spot the excellent caregivers out of the dozens you might be considering to hire. In addition, we offer a wider range of caregivers, from companion care, to CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistants), LVNs (Licensed Vocational Nurses) and RNs (Registered Nurses) that you can hire through our network.

Third, with our proprietary tools we can involve ALL family members in the management and notifications of your care or the care of a loved one no matter where they are located. In addition, this system also allows your healthcare service provides (such as you primary care physician, pharmacist, cardiologist, etc.) to be informed in the case of an emergent event or during transitions between medical facilities and the home.

Fourth, and maybe the most important, when you create an account and hire a caregiver, you will get a care navigator to help assist you with the process of using our site in finding and hiring the perfect caregiver as well as give you advice to healthcare resources in your area.

Fifth, since your caregiver is your employee he or she can be trained to do tasks (such a medication management, changing dressings, giving supplements, cleaning catheters, etc.) any family member can do that is under the supervision of a home health nurse. By State law, private duty caregivers are forbidden to do such tasks.

Finally, it is all about reducing stress not only for the person receiving care but all the family members involved deciding on what care should be given: from the hiring, interviewing, scheduling, payroll, messaging, screening and managing of caregivers, to taking care of all the little “back office details” that having your own employee involves.

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