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Well Beyond Care at SXSW

South by Southwest, or South By, or SXSW is an annual Austin, Texas event that highlights music, technology, film, and more and more healthcare. This year’s event happened between March 8th and the 17th. Well Beyond Care shared a booth as part of SXSW’s Health + MedTech Pavilion from March 10th – 13th in Austin Convention Center with 24HourPhysicians, and got a lot of traffic. Also, our CEO, Jeffrey Fry, was interviewed by Erik Liekam of KLBJ out of Austin, TX. You can listen to each below, they are only 37 seconds long.

Here are some of the pictures of the craziness that is SX.

Study Shows, Wearables Do Not Improve Outcomes

While we are a big believer that technology is a great boon to health care and in improving outcomes, and healthcare in general, we have always had our doubts on the efficacy on wearables in truly improving outcomes, or caregiving in any measurable way. Now a new study conducted by Cedars-Sinai investigators published in Nature Partner Journal, NPJ Digital Medicine indicates that these very expensive wearables have essentially no effect on improving medical outcomes.

As outlined in Health Management Technology’s article, “Analysis shows lack of evidence that wearable biosensors improve patient outcome,” over the past ten years, there has been no significant improvement in patient outcomes with or without wearable. Well Beyond Care has always believed that while technology is wonderful, but without a competent and dedicated caregiver, that any improvement in tech is pretty much useless. The trick is in integrating technology to improve excellent and dedicated caregiving.